Orange scribbles contrasted with cyan.

A confession: I actually really hate flying. In fact, I think I would enjoy traveling if not for the flight part of it. I hate the anxiety of packing, I hate the long drive to the airport, I hate the stress and bustle of the airport, I hate the rush…

Inked bean shapes on a page.

When I think about stamps, I think about the mechanical aspect of it, of the force that imprints the design. Especially with homemade stamps, I think that the labor put into creating and making is driven to the forefront; these are unique, with personality that flaunts the love and care…

PSYNCIN’ IN THE MaiN mechanics of AITSF’s puzzles

The Psync machine that allows Date Kaname to enter other people’s dreams.

Continuing from the mystery critical play, I wanted to explore the puzzles within AI: The Somnium Files (AITSF), a murder mystery game that bundles horror, puzzles, and visual novels into one remarkable game. In AITSF, you follow the perspective of Date Kaname a detective (or something akin to it) with…

Gray Wong


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